Wednesday, November 19, 2008 mourn...

belum habis tahun 2008,
udah lumayan banyak orang-orang disekitar gw (baik yg kenal langsung maupun tidak) yg tiba saatnya dipanggil ke rahmatullah..
my greatest condolences buat yang terambil bagian hidupnya di taun ini..

truly, most of them were the few best people I've ever known..
maybe 2008 is just a good year to die..

i have, been liking Jamiroquai all my live..and somehow i shed tears of -i don't even know what to describe.. regret? surely not. happiness? proud? joy?- when i once again hear Soul Education couple of days ago playing on mario's head unit:
And as mama waved goodbye
Tears were welling in her eyes
She don't need them
I turned to her and said

I've got my soul education
You know its stitched into the clothes that I wear
Got my life information
Upon the breeze that's blowing through my hair
Got a pocket full of rainbows
Oh and a sky to put them in so blue

do not worry mom, you have taught us well,
i will always carry and keep you as a part of me..
i love you mom.


extranyos said...

iye, setubuh, tetangga gw dulu yang suka dititipin and suruh jaga anak jahanam (gue-red), kemaren meninggal, trakir ketemu pas lebaran, ternyata umur ga ada yang tau yah... bye pak de, thanx for everything...

adinda andi anas said...

mama kakak Insya Allah ditempatkan di tempat yang terbaik oleh-Nya :)

seseorang said...

aku sumbang doa dari jauh ya nyos,

makasih dind..