Friday, August 15, 2008

Abuba Steak

"no honey, I will not do any review on ABUBA"

-that was what I said to her waktu nochans bilang aku suruh nulis tentang resto tempat kita makan2 pas ultahnya kemaren..
I mean, what kind of review? what for? I can't anyway, since there really is nothing much to write about the New Abuba..

Yes of course siih, they do have this fancy new building which is located right across Ikan Bakar Cianjur, Cipete.

the facade of NEW ABUBA,
you might miss it -no smokey2 no longer, now..

..but the others?
the menu? it's still the same, a one-sided laminated sheet of size A4 menu. steaks list on the upper part, drinks on the bottom, and that's just all. no additional menu, no fancy2 drinks, nothing out of the ordinary compared to their old menu list. they are even stingy enough to actually keep their old beef cuts posters hanging by the (new) walls.
the steak options were also podo'-podo' wae: sirloin - tenderloin; their version of local and NZ, lamb chop, grilled salmon, etc.. everything they've already served way back when they're still grilling in the old ABUBA yang ampe berasep2 ke tengah jalan itu. oh yeah. ada wagyu sih (if that'd count as new)

pics taken from RILEX.COM



I didn't order Beef, I ordered Salmon(will update actual pic), ngikutin pesenan Oom -eh calon papa mertua- aja biar aman. nochans ordered Tenderloin. Well I must say mine was good and deserves a review. I mean, a full fish steak, perfectly-grilled dengan warna dan tampilan yang menggugah selera; (thickness around 2-2,5cm), tanpa bikin bete nunggu lama karena it only took 5-10 minutes (pokoknya jwawuh lebih cepet dari Pizza Hut deh!), dan yang paling kerennya: -I didn't know how they did it, but- kulit ikannya bahkan nggak(maaf)amis! meeen! kereenn. keren eta bilang itu mah.. price is reasonable, 40k klo gak salah. and with all that, the salmon really tasted good great.

Ohya, one thing about Abuba dining-experience is; they have this extensive pilihan of seasoning that you can add-up to your serving plate. whether it's the bbq sauce, the-very-friendly-to-our-tongue sambel abc, heinz' something sauce, pepper, tabasco, etc2 bahkan gw ampe gak inget.. klo di itung-itung, at the end of the day we are liking the New Abuba, milady and I. with parking that large, Abuba membuka diri ke lebih byk orang, dan of course jd less-ngerepotin buat traffic jl. cipete. The tables? wew- yang gw liat aja nomernya sampe 57 gituh, itupun di belakangnya masih ada space guedde banget kayak di pesantren (soalnya temboknya ubin warna ijo. norak banget dah)

So personally I think it's great that ABUBA rejuvenate themselves, the image, the building, the everything; they even have branches in Kelapa Gading etc now. The building was somewhat still up-to-date (walau architecturally rada gak puguh), and even without any air-conditioning by their front lounge, I've found it was still acceptable since they're compensating it with a very good interior ideas & finishing (Yes, mr./ms.-Abuba's-interior-designer, I did notice the details on the pillars and the ceiling). Also, the old posters and the original menu came to be a classic thingamajigs that I value most off of their barbecuing spirit originality.

If they still have more money I hope they'd keep the old Abuba (place) intact, still grilling, but limiting it's customer to their tablecount and serves dine-in only. you know, -though economically might be very inefficient- just for the sake of 'ol times..

~Overall, Thumbs up for Abuba!


ulang tahun yah, sayang..

^_^ hehehe

PS: oh yeah; the toilet was clean & sophisticated. themes almost like QSmokehouse only larger and more mirrors. a 8,5 out of 10. ~I think black is the new trend for Restaurant's toilets these days.

so much for NOT doing review, hehehe


creaturez said...

iya abuba emang enakss,murah dan nyamaan!
jadi pengen kak,laperr! hiks

diana bochiel said...

perlu ngefet lebih keras klo mo kesana...hihiii...
wah sering2 ulang tahun mah ce lo bangkrut..hha..

seseorang said...

diana, gw bilang sih gak mahal koq jatohnya dgn rasa, porsi & gak.mesti.nunggu.lama'nya klo lo bandingin sm steakhouse2 lain.

ps: gw lebih2 bangkrut lg ngado'innya..kekeke

seseorang said...

btw, ngefet apa'an sich?

The Pradono's said...

aku jadi ingin abuba..
*andri meng-amin-i*

adinda andi anas said...

uhuhu..belum coba abuba ditempat yg baru iniii :(

baca postingannya 'seseorang'nya ka nochan yg ini bener2 bikin ngiler...
ditunggu review makanan yg lain yaa.. *oia kakak2 berdua ngomong2 dah nyoba takoyaki depan melawai blommm???*

nochan said...

hmm,,iya din..'seseorang'ku itu kayanya emang punya bakat marketing deh..hahaha
takoyaki? mmh, enak ya din?

terakhir aku makan takoyaki di PVJ bandung,tapi menurutku ko rasanya aneh yaa? hmm,,mgkn kita harus coba tuh yg di melawai..dimananya din?

brainwashed said...

abuba? hmm enak ga sih?.. steaknya sama aja, daging2 juga hehehe, lagian kajian gw blom sampe ke taraf enak apa engga? gw baru sampe tingkatan ngenyangin apa engga :D ga terlalu mahal untuk kualitas segitu kali ya :D dah gitu tempatnya jg enak.. lampunya bikin ngantuk :D

seseorang said...

how 'bout pas aku gajian?

takoyaki, checked. we'll pay a visit (and maybe give a review on it)

ngenyangin? lumayanlaah klo buat perut kite2.. mahalnya sedeng koq~